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Te Ara Ako o te Kura o Heretaunga - Heretaunga Intermediate's Learning Path

Te Ara Ako o te Kura or Heretaunga - Heretaunga Intermediate's Learning Path

Mission StatementWe believe that 10-13 year olds are at a crucial stage in their development as young adolsecents.  They experience more growth, both emotionally and physically, than at any other time of their lives.  Intermediate schools provide a learning environment specifically for this age group, and staff specialise in providing for their needs.

Mission:     Heretaunga Intermediate will take pride in providing Hauora for all our akonga. We will motivate, support, and challenge akonga to be on a successful learning path. 


Being Open Minded for Learning, Being Resilient, and Managing Learning, we will be positive and active innovators in our community.

Through our School Whanaungatanga and Te Ara Ako, we prioritise the importance of a school learning environment that reflects and values:

  1. Pūmanawatanga – a calm and happy school, where everyone feels safe and supported
  2. Kotahitanga – Everyone’s mana is recognised, and we work together to achieve goals
  3. Whanaungatanga – Recognising the importance of, and building positive relationships with students, staff, whānau, and community. 
  4. Marautanga – Numeracy, literacy, specialist subjects, and inquiry learning.
  5. Wānanga – Collaborative and flexible learning spaces with one-to-one digital devices / BYOD platform
  6. Wheako – A range of experiences and opportunities offered to students, including but not limited to sport, cultural, musical, art, and academic.

Note: Hauora - the concept of total well-being which encompasses the aspects of physical, social, mental and emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Ākonga: Learners (students and teachers)

Manaakitanganoticing, recognising and responding to the other in a positive manner. Looking for the best in a person, and finding opportunities to acknowledge that person in all different ways.

Te Ara Ako design: Our symbol is the Mangopare. Representing strength, leadership, unrelenting determination, resilience and courage. Designed using Hub colours Tukituki, Huia, Rongokako, Rua-Taniwha.

Heretaunga Intermediate students are consistently provided with:

Quality teaching
A challenging curriculum
Programmes that extend pupils and cater for individual differences
A co-educational learning environment
Opportunities to lead, to change and take responsibility
A safe and secure environment
Clear expectations and guidelines
Restorative Justice

Parents and caregivers can expect:

To be involved in their child’s education
To have a voice in the running of the school
To be informed about their child’s achievements and progress

Heretaunga Intermediate can expect from students, parents or caregivers:

  • An understanding of the school’s philosophy
  • Their full support for rules and relationship management systems
  • An undertaking that pupils are dressed and equipped for school
  • Their regular attendance
  • To be notified of any circumstances that may affect the pupil’s progress

Student-Led Learning Conversations

Two sets of student-led learning conversations between student, parent, and teacher are held; one in Term 1, and one in late Term 2 or early Term 3, for the student to share their learning goals and next steps.  Additionally, parents are always welcome to arrange a meeting time with the class teacher, Principal, or Deputy Principal to discuss any matter regarding their child’s welfare, progress or behaviour.
A written report is sent home mid-year and at the end of the year to inform parents about their child’s progress in core learning areas, Te Ara Ako, and School Whanaungatanga.