Heretaunga Intermediate Offers

• English • P.E/Health/Sport • Social Sciences • Reading (Enrichment/Remedial)
• Science • Mathematics (Enrichment/Remedial)

• Materials technology • Food technology • Media studies • Fabric Technology
• Science/Science Fair • Technology challenge • Art • Music • ICT 

• Oral Reading • Productions • Debating • Science Badges • Literature Quiz • ICAS Exams


Heretaunga Intermediate runs a wireless network enabling students to use the digital devices within the class programme, removing the need to move to a timetabled computer room.

Each room is 1:1 with a device made up of ChromeBooks and iPads and from BYOD, and school supplied.

This ready access to digital technology makes it possible for ICT to be instantly used as a tool to enhance the learning in class.


Education for Sustainability Students are offered a variety of practical activities that explore the concept of sustainability. They are encouraged to act locally by planting class gardens, using worm farms and compost to naturally reduce waste. They learn how reducing, reusing and recycling waste can help lessen the impact of their global footprint.

Students begin to understand the natural and human impact on climate change and are encouraged to look to the future to contribute to the well being of New Zealand.

Food Technology

We have a spacious and well equipped Food Technology room which is well used by

students. Students learn how to cook nutritious meals using many different ingredients.

They are taught about the economics of buying and selling baked goods, and the art of preserving. Students are taught the importance of hygiene and this is maintained to a high standard.

Materials Technology

The Materials Technology Department essentially covers the two main facets of the programme. These being materials technology and computer based technology.

Materials technology incorporates the more traditional aspects of technology such as copper, silversmithing, plastics and wood based projects. Computer based technology includes CAD (computer aided design) which introduces a design and pictorial based computer programme, and newly purchased laser cutter for creating more complex projects.

The Technology programme allows for a “hands on” approach and ensures students facilitate their own learning with one to one support. It is designed to ensure students succeed at their own pace and therefore successfully complete projects to their full potential.


Our science laboratory is bright, clean, well resourced and a motivating environment to work in.

The science programme is divided into two parts. Part one is classroom programmes around the Living World, Physical World and the Planet Earth and Beyond.

Hands on programmes are designed to enable students to scaffold their learning and enable sucess to be achieved. The Material World is Part Two in the Science Laboratory.

A seperate Year 7 and Year 8 programme is implemented. Through experimental work they explore separating and combining solids and liquids, fair test, reactions and appropriate recording techniques. They also learn how to use a microscope understanding what makes an experiment and how they could alter the outcome, and the appropriate handling of chemicals, investigating acids and alkalis.

The school is part of the biennial whole school Science Fair which has students involved at the Regional Science Fair at Peddigrew Arena.


Selected students are part of an in-depth leadership programme that will teach, grow and support them as they learn how to lead. Leadership roles include
• School Leaders • Cultural Leaders • Canteen

Opportunities Available

A sample of opportunities Heretaunga Intermediate offers which challenge students both inside and outside the class include:
ICAS Exams • Technology Challenge • Mathletics • Accelerate Maths • School Prefects • Gymnastics • Drama • Music Academy • Production • Orienteering • Print Making • Pacifika Group • Enrichment Art Classes • Kapa Haka • Choir • Inter-class Sports • Inter-Interemdiate Sports • Orchestra • Rock Band • Talent Quest • Dance Festival • Stage Challenge • Specialist Enrichment Tutorial Time (S.E.T Time)