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School Day

School Hours 

Monday to Thursday - Classrooms open at 8.15am              Friday - Classrooms open at 8.45am
8.35am       Roll/Class Administration                                    9.00am       Roll/Class Administration
8.45am       Block One                                                                               Block One
10.20am     Transition One (Morning Tea)                               10.20am     Transition One (Morning Tea)
10.40am     Block Two                                                            10.40am     Block Two
12.20pm     Transition Two (Lunch)                                         12.20pm     Transition Two (Lunch)
12.35pm     Block Three                                                          12.35pm     Block Three
2.10pm       Transition Three (Recreation Time)                       2.10pm       Transition Three (Recreation Time)
2.45pm       Return to class                                                     2.45pm       Return to class
2.50pm       Class Administration                                            2.50pm       Class Administration
3.00pm       School finishes                                                     3.00pm       School finishes

Early Finish on Wet Weather Days - 2.30pm

The school will post the decision to make it a wet weather early finish on Facebook.  We will post on the school app, and send a text to the alert number that is on our system, as well as send an email by 1.30pm.  Students required to be picked up by after school programmes will be held until the van arrives.