Blues Awards

The Blues Awards recognition programme is a system which allows students to set goals and achieve them. There are scaffolded levels which enable students to build onto their achievements in the areas of interest to them. It looks at a variety of skills and knowledge students are able to achieve.

Students set targets and work towards gathering points for their involvement and for achieving excellence in six areas – Sport, Culture, Arts, Citizenship, Academic, Community and Strong & Smart at three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold.

A metal Blues Lapel Pin with the school crest and motto is awarded to students who have earned enough points for a second Gold in an area they already have a Gold badge in.

Heretaunga Intermediate Honours Badges are awarded to students who have received three Gold badges, in any of the six areas and they had an interview with the Principal providing a CV of their involvement and achievements.

This level of achievement is outstanding and highlights and supports those high level achievers. Recognition of excellence is a priority at our school in every level of the Blues Awards programme.