Poari - School Board

Poari - School Board

Aroha Harris - Parent Rep

Rebecca Burn - Parent Rep, Presiding Member

Michelle Tuhura - Parent Rep

Mike King - Parent Rep

Megan Knowles- Parent Rep

Karla Hilton - Staff Rep

Sally Coop - Board Secretary

Phil Jones - Principal

If you would like to email a Board member, their email address is: first initial followed by their surname @hint.school.nz.  Eg. John Rogers, jrogers@hint.school.nz

Annual Reports:

Year End 31 December 2023

Year End 31 December 2022

Year End 31 December 2021

If your child, or you, have an issue with something that is happening at school, we have procedures to follow in order to address the situation.  First, speak with your child about the issue, get as much information as you can and ask them what they have done to contribute to the situation.  Then make an appointment to see the child’s teacher.  If you are still unsure of the outcome, then it might mean a conversation with our Deputy Principal, Vanessa Wilkins, your child and the class teacher.  We will do our best to help resolve any issue, and follow up with you appropriately.  We cannot act on any issue if we do not know about it.  If you are still unsure you can contact the Board the Board Secretary.

Interim Strategic Plan