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Room 11 (Kowhai Special School)

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Science, Technology and Arts Hub





Materials (Wood, Plastic, Metal)


Learning Support Co-ordinator

Classroom Support Programmes

Support Staff

Finance Administration

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Teacher Aide

Teacher Aide / Canteen

Teacher Aide

Teacher Aide

Teacher Aide

Teacher Aide

Teacher Aide

Teacher Aide

Vanessa Wilkins

Ingrid Heaps

Sarah Fergusson- Hub Co-ordinator

Eloise Stewart

Toni Bickerstaff

Erica Stephens

Karla Hilton

Vicky Clark

Tim Parkes - Hub Co-ordinator

Aynzleigh Abbott

Hayden den Heyer

Georgia Wrait

Nic Baudinet

Holly Bruce - Hub Co-ordinator

Toni Giles

Louise Andrews

Kerri Sherrard

Melissa Holm

Katherine Searancke

Millie Ormond

Ben Phillpotts

Kerry Hinton

Katie Turner

Odette Harper

Georgia Stafford

Darryl Grant

Jill Currie

Thelma Chapman

Trish Little

Dianne Riley

Jo Laurie

Horiana Newton

Kristy Stephens

If you would like to email a staff member, their email address is: first initial followed by their surname Eg. John Rogers,