Heretaunga Intermediate Offers:


• English • P.E/Health/Sport • Social Sciences • Reading • Science • Mathematics


• Materials technology • Food technology • Media studies • Electronics • Science/Science Fair • Technology challenge • Art • Music • ICT • CAD/CAM


• Oral Reading • Science Badges • Literature Quiz • ICAS Exams • Maths and Literacy Extension

Heretaunga Intermediate students are consistently provided with:

Quality teaching

A challenging curriculum

Programmes that extend pupils and cater for individual differences

A co-educational learning environment

Opportunities to lead, to change and take responsibility

A safe and secure environment

Clear expectations and guidelines

Restorative Justice

Parents and caregivers can expect:

To be involved in their child’s education

To have a voice in the running of the school

To be informed about their child’s achievements and progress

Heretaunga Intermediate can expect from students, parents or caregivers:

  • An understanding of the school’s philosophy
  • Their full support for rules and relationship management systems
  • An undertaking that pupils are dressed and equipped for school
  • Their regular attendance
  • To be notified of any circumstances that may affect the pupil’s progress

Student-Led Learning Conversations

Two sets of student-led learning conversations between student, parent, and teacher are held; one in Term 1, and one in late Term 2 or early Term 3, for the student to share their learning goals and next steps. Additionally, parents are always welcome to arrange a meeting time with the class teacher, Principal, or Deputy Principal to discuss any matter regarding their child’s welfare, progress or behaviour.

A written report is sent home mid-year and at the end of the year to inform parents about their child’s progress in core learning areas, Te Ara Ako, and School Whanaungatanga.