Emergency Evacuation

In the event of a school emergency, whether it be a fire, earthquake, lockdown, or pandemic event Heretaunga Intermediate School Staff and Board of Trustees will follow these actions:

  • Post on FaceBook, send a Text, Tweet, and email to the details held on file about the nature of the emergency and the instructions for parents to follow. Contact will be made by phone if no email address is held on file, or in circumstances where we believe the message has not got through.

  • Senior Leaders will contact the Ministry of Education.

  • We will use our record keeping systems to track who is present at school.

  • When we have been informed by the correct authority (Civil Defence, Police, Fire Service, Ministry of Education, or other), we will again post and send messages to parents and/or say when students can be collected.

  • We will only release students into the care of the names listed on the enrolment form. Details will be recorded of who picked up the students and at what time.

  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are students to be released outside the accordance of these procedures.

  • Staff will be required to remain on site as ‘locus parentis’ until:

    • The authority has advised that staff can leave

    • There is sufficient staff:student ratio - this includes support staff (sufficient being 1:25)

  • Parents and Staff need to be aware that in these circumstances 3pm does not signal the end of the school day and that staff and students are under a direct authority of those managing the emergency.